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Raw material of the digital streams, datas act as composite sources in the audiovisual performance oqpo_oooo. Expressed in real time, both in images and sounds, and spatially video-projected on a cubic structure, these data see their mathematical feature revealed in an expanded visual, sound and formal field. oqpo_oooo etches its multimedia experience in a wide spectral range – so that each data can be the most demonstrative audiovisual expression of the project’s princeps idea. The cube expands the artistic intentions to questions of form, staging and digital fields. His particular position allows various visual illusions that changes its reality and create various virtual forms. The intentions of the performer alter the course of the stream, continuously renewing the experience of performance by means of applications which have been specifically created for the project, characterized by generative design and real time interpretation.

oqpo_oooo is coproduced by Stereolux (Nantes, FR) and Alex Augier Studio (Paris, FR), supported by Le Fil (Saint-Etienne, FR) and has been created during the 2014 Scopitone festival (Stereolux, Nantes, FR).

Bains Numeriques digital arts awards 2016 : nominated

Digital & Vinyl edition available here

View online : http://www.alexaugier.com/oqpo_oooo/